About Us

Our Vision

Fatiha Academy is the newest school by Skylight Education Solutions, a private sector educational initiative that seeks to integrate modern education with Islamic knowledge and values.

Since 2011, the Skylight team has been developing the Tarbiyah International Curriculum and running Fajr Academy. The addition of Fatiha Academy to the family allows a wider circle of families to benefit from the Tarbiyah approach.

‘To nurture our students’ mental, physical, emotional and spiritual faculties through a holistic education based on the teachings of Islam.’

We have set five long-term objectives to achieve this vision:

  1. Instill a love for Allah in our students and staff
  2. Prepare our students and staff for success in this life and the next
  3. Groom a new generation of Muslim educators
  4. Promote Islamic education in our society and bridge the gap between Muslims educated in religious and secular institutions
  5. Introduce the Tarbiyah International Curriculum to a wider circle of families.

Our Team

Our founder, Ustadh Asim Ismail, is a renowned social entrepreneur in Pakistan. Fatiha Academy is a key part of his wider vision for private Islamic education, which includes several initiatives under the supervision of Skylight Education Solutions. In addition to leading Skylight, Fajr Academy and Fatiha Academy, he is also a widely-sought trainer and consultant in education and Islamic studies. Before founding Skylight he served as the founding Head of Islamic Department at the Reflections School in Karachi from 2007 to 2011, where he successfully tested several initiatives that are now part of the Tarbiyah International Curriculum.

Skylight is hiring a strong team of teachers and administrators with a genuine passion for Islamic education and experience at some of Karachi’s best schools. (If you are interested to join us, let us know.)

Fatiha Academy’s own team is closely supported by Skylight Education Solutions and its Tarbiyah International Curriculum, developed by professionals in a variety of educational and professional fields with additional training in Islamic studies. This relationship gives Fatiha Academy a particular advantage in the private Islamic education sector.

The Fatiha Edge

Fatiha Academy’s success formula has five ingredients:

  1. Serious academic focus (in preparation for O-Levels)
  2. A unique Islamic curriculum
  3. Instruction in both English and Arabic
  4. Technology across the curriculum
  5. Special programs and activities

Fatiha Academy has a larger class size, lower school fees and more campuses than Fajr Academy, which enables it to offer the same subjects and some of the same programs and activities to a wider circle of families.

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