The Tarbiyah Approach

We can learn many lessons from the educational success of our earliest generations.

We call it the Tarbiyah approach:

  • Holistic education covering four types of development: intellectual,physical, emotional and spiritual
  • Studying the world as ayat(signs) of Allah
  • Learning from the personal example of the teachers
  • Group learning in a supportive environment
  • Striking the right balance between the universal needs of all students, and the special needs of girls and boys

We will continue to refine our understanding and implementation of this approach to education as we learn together.

For more details, please visit the Tarbiyah International Curriculum website


The Tarbiyah International curriculum taught at Fatiha Academy currently covers eight core subjects:


The purpose of studying Mathematics at Fatiha Academy is to improve focus and learn how to solve problems.


The purpose of studying Science at Fatiha Academy is to investigate the creation in order to know the Creator.


The purpose of studying English at Fatiha Academy is to learn how to speak and write for an international audience with wisdom and beauty.


The purpose of studying Arabic at Fatiha Academy is to gain direct access to the sources of our religion. It is devoted X periods per school week.


The purpose of studying Urdu at Fatiha Academy is to learn how to speak and write for a national audience with wisdom and beauty.

Social Studies Plus

The purpose of studying Social Studies Plus at Fatiha Academy is to gain a competitive edge through knowledge of the world.


The purpose of studying History at Fatiha Academy is to rebuild the Ummah’s identity by studying our past.


At Fatiha Academy, the purpose of teaching geography is to enable students to observe, explore and utilise available means to ameliorate living conditions.

Computer science

The purpose of studying Computer Science at Fatiha Academy is to learn ability to solve complex problems using logical thinking and algorithmic approaches.



The Tarbiyah International Curriculum offers a variety of programs to complement core subjects taught at Fatiha Academy:


Abacus is an extracurricular mathematics program designed to help students improve their focus and learn how to solve problems.


Builders is an activity-based program designed to build students’ self-reliance by learning how to make things themselves.

Effective Muslims

Effective Muslims is a series of workshops designed to improve students’ character for success in this world and the next.

Events and Competitions

Several events and competitions throughout the school year help students improve their self-confidence ​and their relationships with​ peers and family.


Explorers is an activity-based program, including one or two field trips per year, designed to help students learn first-hand about our society and environment.

Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness ensures students’ physical development, making it an essential part of a holistic education.


Fatiha Academy encourages reading across the curriculum from an early age in order to help students grow intellectually.


Tajweed&Nazira build a solid foundation for a lifelong relationship with the Qur’an.


Fatiha Academy students are also encouraged to express themselves and participate in the exchange of ideas through writing.