The Tarbiyah International Curriculum offers a variety of programs to complement the core subjects taught at Fajr Academy:

Effective Muslims

Effective Muslims is a series of workshops designed to improve students’ character for success in this world and the next.


Builders is an activity-based program designed to build students’ self-reliance by learning how to make things themselves.


Artists is an activity-based program whose purpose is for students to learn from and be inspired by the creations of al-Musawwir (the Artist).


Fajr Academy encourages reading across the curriculum from an early age in order to help students grow intellectually.


Fajr Academy students are also encouraged to express themselves and participate in the exchange of ideas through writing.


Huffaz is an innovative Qur’an memorization program that works with every Fajr Academy student to build a personal relationship with the Qur’an.


Explorers is an activity-based program, including field trips and an annual tour to northern Pakistan, designed to help students learn first-hand about our society and environment.


Abacus is an extracurricular mathematics program designed to help students improve their focus and learn how to solve problems.

Events and Competitions

A variety of events and competitions at Fajr Academy help students improve their self-confidence ​and their relationships with​ peers and family.